Many people love going on nature and wildlife tours. After all, there are so many cool and neat animals to see that watching them interact in their natural habitat is most definitely something to cherish. These ecotourism vacations run the gamut, from African safaris and visiting nature preserves to private butterfly tours and visiting places butterflies congregate.

Fauna Ventures is proud to offer private butterfly tours in Colombia and Honduras. Guided by those well-versed in lepidopterology or scientists who study moths and butterflies, you’ll be amazed at the beauty surrounding you. You’ll see many exotic species of butterflies on these tours, such as Callicore ines and Charonias eurytele, and birds and other rainforest animals. Be prepared to form memories that will last a lifetime. Contact us about our private butterfly tours today!


  • See dozens and maybe hundreds of different butterfly species
  • See many historical sites, such as Mayan ruins
  • Visit nature preserves
  • See birds and wildlife, including jungle animals
  • Experience other cultures
  • Form memories with your closest friends and families
  • Enjoy a nature vacation you won’t forget!


  • Completely customizable. When you choose a private butterfly tour, you get to decide where you want to go, what you want to see, and what you want to do from a list of activities, sights, and locations.
  • Take the trip you want, when you want it. You can book a private butterfly tour to Colombia or Honduras when convenient for you. Thus, you can go when it’s not high tourist season, and you can go in the middle of the week when many popular tourist places are not crowded.
  • Led by an expert. When you partner with Fauna Ventures for your nature tour, your leader will be the founder or an expert lepidopterist who can answer all of your questions about butterflies and show you the hidden spots you otherwise would not know about or have the opportunity to visit.
  • No wasted time. You can maximize your time on your private tour because you don’t waste time waiting on others, boarding a bus, or stopping for frequent breaks. You can schedule a lot more in a day when your nature vacation is all about you.


No minimum number of travelers is required, but small groups decrease the cost per person. If you want to travel with a small group of friends or your extended family, you can still have a personal tour and combine it with the people you want to travel with. Fauna Ventures offers discounts for groups of 10 or more people. This is a great way to enjoy a private tour for less and have fun with some of your favorite people. Contact Fauna Ventures to learn more today!


Itineraries are not set in stone when you choose a private tour. For example, we often explore the forests surrounding Minca, a small mountain village, and explore many of the surrounding trails on our Colombia trip. On a private butterfly tour, you can explore many more of these trails in your quest for butterflies. This is just one example of how you can personalize your time. We can also go to other places that you want to visit. If you are looking for the ultimate level of freedom, book a butterfly tour with us today!


  • Prices will vary according to locations, dates, and duration of travel

Fauna Ventures cannot wait to share the beauty of Colombia and Honduras with you. Our experienced guides will ensure your wildlife tour is everything you’ve dreamed of. Private butterfly tours are delightful to take since they offer personalized destinations and attention. You are sure to learn a lot about butterflies, the surrounding people, and yourself. You’ll have ample time to reconnect with nature and bring peace back into your life as you let go of the modern world’s stresses. Connect on a Fauna Venture you will never forget. Contact us today!

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