Colombia contains the greatest diversity of orchids, birds, frogs, and freshwater fish in the world. There are almost 4000 species of butterflies spread throughout the various regions of the country. Your participation on our trips helps to document the vast biodiversity of Colombia, contributing to the impressive and ever-growing list of butterfly species found there.

Colombia is unique in the way its topography forms many natural obstacles that substantially hinder the movement of species, creating many different zones of speciation. The most obvious hindrance to animal movement is the Three Cordilleras (Western, Central and Eastern), which function as natural barriers in the distribution of species that inhabit altitudes above 2000 meters. In between the Three Cordilleras, one can find the valleys of the Magdalena and Cauca Rivers, which present species and races characteristic of these ecosystems. Separate from the Andes to the north rises the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, reaching an astonishing 5700 meters and acting as a high elevation island of speciation. The forests along the Pacific and Caribbean coasts provide unique opportunities to experience the biodiversity of Colombia as well. Where the vast plains of the Orinoquia meet the majestic Amazon jungles, and where the Andean mountains meet the plains, are also incredibly diverse and unique places.

In Colombia, you can photograph nearly 4000 species in their natural habitat helping to bring an appreciation for this charismatic group of insects that surround us every day.


Our Texas trips are centered around the fabled Lower Rio Grande Valley where you will experience what is undeniably the best butterflying in the United States. This special region in south Texas is a must do for anyone interested in butterflies with more than 300 species documented, and almost half of those seen nowhere else in the country. This trip is suitable for all levels, from the butterfly newbie to the practiced naturalist.


Nestled amidst towering ridgelines and lush rainforest, Emerald Valley is home to 676 species of butterflies (over half of the known species in Honduras) and more than 150 species of birds. The three gardens are packed with a nice assortment of flowers that attract a multitude of butterflies throughout the year. The Festival itself, however, is centered around the blooming cycle of the Blue Mistflower which literally lures in clouds of butterflies from the canopy and forest interior. The tour includes the second annual Butterfly Festival and a butterfly photography contest. An optional extension to the world-famous Mayan site of Copan Ruins is a great way to end a visit.

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