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Embark on a butterfly tour through some of the world’s most vibrant ecosystems, exploring the enchanting world of butterflies with our expert-led tours. We offer a medley of experiences tailored to unveil the hidden beauty of these delicate creatures in their natural habitats. Our tours take us to the United States, Colombia, and Honduras. Join us as we seek new adventures, continuously adding exhilarating new destinations to our itineraries.

Why Choose Our Butterfly Tours?

  • Diverse Biodiversity: Visit areas renowned for their high biodiversity, where the flutter of wings paints the sky in a spectrum of colors.
  • Personalized Services: Enjoy our personalized approach with small group sizes that guarantee an intimate and fulfilling experience.
  • Knowledgeable Guides: Learn from our highly knowledgeable guides. We bring years of expertise and will deepen your understanding of the natural world.

Available Tours

  • United States: Traverse through various sanctuaries and parks known for their butterfly populations.
  • Colombia: Go on a grand adventure to photograph and witness the diversity of hundreds of butterfly species.
  • Peru: Some of the best butterflying in the world.
  • Honduras: Get up close and personal with unique butterfly species as you explore the tropical landscapes.

Are you ready to spread your wings on an unforgettable journey? Connect with the mosaic of color and life that awaits you in the delicate world of butterflies. Book your tour today and become a part of a vibrant community of nature lovers like yourself.


California – San Diego County – Hermes Copper & Hairstreak Expedition

Join us on an enthralling adventure through California’s enchanting landscapes, where the vibrant tapestry of flora welcomes a dazzling array of butterflies. Our expert-guided tour is designed for enthusiasts eager to witness the beauty of these delicate creatures up close and personal. Whether you’re a seasoned lepidopterist or a nature lover drawn to the dance of butterfly wings, this tour promises an unforgettable experience.


Amazon Basin and Sierra de Santa Marta

Join us on an amazing butterfly tour of Colombia! This tour will take you to two different and distinct areas of the country, allowing you to see various butterflies.

We’ll start in Bogotá and venture into the Putumayo region to explore the Andean-Amazonian mountains. This area is home to many different species of butterflies, so you’re sure to see some incredible species.

Then, we’ll head to the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, one of the world’s largest coastal mountain ranges. This area is teeming with endemic species of butterflies, including the amazing Morpho rhodopteron. In addition to exploring the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, we’ll also visit the Caribbean Lowlands.

This tour begins and ends in Bogotá and is an absolute must for any butterfly enthusiast! So join us and witness the beauty and diversity of Colombian butterflies firsthand.

Callicore ines

Peru – Manu Road

Simply put, the Manu Road is one of the world’s great butterflying areas. Crossing habitats from high Andean puna grassland to lowland Amazonian rainforest, traveling its length gives you a theoretical chance of seeing over 2,000 species of butterflies, along with thousands of moths, hundreds of beautiful bird species, several monkeys, and a huge variety of other wildlife. The recent paving of the road has been a mixed blessing – some traditional butterflying sites have been heavily altered, but travel on the road is much more comfortable, and it’s now easier to visit various excellent spots up and down the road.

On this tour, we’ll spend most of our time based at two famous lodges – Cock-of-the-Rock Lodge and Villa Carmen. The former is at mid-elevation and allows us to explore a variety of sites at different elevations in cloud-forest habitats; Villa Carmen is in the foothills and home to a seemingly endless diversity of lowland butterflies. Our last two nights will be spent at Wayqecha Biological Station near the treeline – a fascinating habitat home to many rarely-observed species.

Tour Leader – David Geale

September 17-October 03, 2024



The event is timed to take place during the blooming cycle of the Blue Mistflower. Emerald Valley and Bio Parque Paradise have several gardens filled with these ‘magical’ plants whose aroma brings butterflies down from the surrounding canopy and other species that typically inhabit the forest interior. Festival participants are literally ‘overwhelmed’ at the sheer number of butterflies that are seen each day. Amidst the many common species are sightings of rare to uncommon ones.

Blue butterfly on mist flowers from our Honduras Butterfly Tour.

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Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta and Boyacá

The Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta is one of the world’s largest coastal mountain ranges, with the highest peak reaching 5700 meters. It is a center of endemism, especially in its highlands, where the endemic Morpho rhodopteron makes its home. In addition to exploring the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, we will visit the Caribbean Lowlands surrounding this compact and isolated coastal range.

Then delight in one of Colombia’s best-preserved areas on the Eastern Cordillera of the Andes with lush vegetation and towering waterfalls – perfect for witnessing six unique species of Morpho and endemic species such as Heliconius heurippa! Finally, conclude your journey in Villa de Leyva, where you can marvel at hundreds more stunning creatures, including beautiful Morpho Sulkowskyi – guaranteed to take your breath away!


beautiful blue butterfly

Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta and Eastern Plains

The Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta is one of the world’s largest coastal mountain ranges, with the highest peak reaching 5700 meters. It is a center of endemism, especially in its highlands, where the endemic Morpho rhodopteron makes its home. In addition to exploring the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, we will visit the Caribbean Lowlands surrounding this compact and isolated coastal range.  The second half of our trip will take us to the immense plains of eastern Colombia, Los Llanos Orientales. Los Llanos are one of the world’s most productive tropical grasslands containing a fantastic diversity of wildlife…


Amazon Basin and Boyacá

Come join us on an amazing butterfly tour of Colombia! This tour will take you to two very different and distinct areas of the country, allowing you to see a huge variety of different butterflies.

We’ll start in Bogotá and venture into the Putumayo region to explore the Andean-Amazonian mountains. Let us journey to the majestic Amazonian Foothills, where a wealth of gorgeous butterflies can be found. From Callicore ines and a few fantastic species of the genus Agrias (Prepona) – some so rare they’re almost impossible to see anywhere else – there is much for discovery among this diverse landscape. This area is home to many different species of butterflies, so you’re sure to see some incredible species.

Next, we’ll venture north of Bogotá to enjoy the exquisite beauty of Colombia’s unique Eastern Cordillera, where you’ll be treated to verdant landscapes and thunderous waterfalls. Discover six rare Morpho butterflies as well as a number of endemic species like Heliconius heurippa! Complete your adventure with an unforgettable visit to Villa de Leyva – home to hundreds of spectacular creatures, including the dazzlingly beautiful Morpho Sulkowskyi that will surely captivate all who behold it!


Beautiful orange and yellow butterflies seen on our Colombia butterfly tour

Amazon and Amazon Basin Butterfly Tour

This trip is designed to explore two vastly different areas of the Amazon region of Colombia in order to maximize the diversity of butterflies seen. The trip will begin and end in Bogotá.

  • From Bogotá, we will venture into the Amazon River Basin to explore sections of the Amazon river and its tributaries.
  • The second half of the trip is devoted to exploring various altitudes of the Andean-Amazonian mountains in the vicinity of the town of Mocoa (Putumayo).


Eastern Cordillera East and West Slopes

Going into the mountains of the eastern mountain range offers us the best chance to find one of the most representative faunas in the country. Endemic and colorful species, from the smallest Lycaenidae (blues) and the great Morpho will be the ones who accompany us during all the localities. We will stay in the towns of Santa Maria, Villa de Leyva, and Otanche (Boyacá). 


Morpho Butterfly from our Colombia butterfly tour


Green Butterfly seen on our Honduras Butterfly Tour.

Hairstreaks and Highlands

This tour focuses on two areas in Honduras: a private property called Bio Parque Paradise located at the species-rich Lake Yojoa basin and an area in the southwestern highlands called Opatoro-Guajiquiro. The trip provides an excellent combination of variable habitats and elevations to reveal a large diversity of hairstreaks, brushfoots, skippers, and the country’s first endemic species…



Standing out amidst the dazzling array of butterflies is a special group of skippers called ‘scarlet-eyes.’ Most of them are crepuscular in habit, with many considered as ‘rare’ within their respective ranges. A total of 30 species have been documented at both properties. One spot in particular, “Skipper Pass’ at Emerald Valley, harbors the highest diversity of these skippers and we will spend a total of up to five late afternoons there. 


United States

Malachite butterfly from a Texas butterfly tour.

Butterflies of the Lower Rio Grande Valley All Inclusive

Join us for a week-long trip to the fabled Lower Rio Grande Valley to experience what is probably the best butterflying in the United States. This special region of Texas has documented more than 300 species of butterflies, with almost half of those seen nowhere else in the United States. This trip is for all levels, whether you are a butterfly newbie or a practiced naturalist.


What Our Guests Are Saying

An excellent experience with friendly and extremely knowledgeable guides. The lodges were comfortable, providing great birding and butterfly watching opportunities. I wouldn’t hesitate to return to Honduras with these folks,” – Deb Marsh.

Warm and welcoming at all levels of experience. Appreciated the pre-trip recommendations, their knowledge, and their day and night efforts to ensure everyone enjoyed themselves. Their steady friendly attention puts everyone at ease,” – Elise Barry.

Highlands and Hairstreaks tour was amazing, not only did we see a plethora of butterflies, the lodging and food were very good. A fantastic opportunity to meet others who share a passion for nature,” – Caydee Savinelli.

“My 24-day journey in Colombia was amazing, with more than 400 species of butterflies. All hotels were clean and decent, especially the ecological one in the rainforest. My guide Fredy was responsible, caring, and knew secret ways to find butterflies,” – Wanzhou Lei.

Experience the Flutter

Our selections of butterfly tours are perfect for admirers of all skill levels and interests. Whether you’re a seasoned lepidopterist, a photographer looking to capture the perfect wingbeat, or simply a nature enthusiast eager to embrace the outdoors, we have a tour that suits your needs.

Fauna Ventures promises you an entrancing exploration of the butterfly world. With our tailored tours, you will leave with not just photographs and memories, but with a deeper appreciation for these winged wonders and the ecosystems they inhabit.

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David Szetela
David Szetela
Fauna Ventures' guided tour to the Honduran Butterfly Festival was uniformly excellent. All our needs were catered to cheerfully and expertly. Thanks for a magical experience!
My husband and I were excited to go on tour with Fauna Ventures to the Emerald Valley Butterfly Festival because we are passionate about butterflies and the magical beauty they offer as they fly from flower to flower as one of the world's most exquisite pollinators. This tour was all we hoped for and more. Our hosts and translators were very accommodating and knowledgeable about the area and the flora and fauna we were seeing in the mountains of Honduras on Lake Yojoa. The lodging was rustic, clean and comfortable, and the food was delicious. One of the bonuses of the trip was meeting new friends who shared similar interests. Our photographs of these amazing and colorful butterflies will always be a cherished memory of this trip. I highly recommend it.
Elise Barry
Elise Barry
My husband and I just returned from our first Fauna Ventures trip of the Honduras Butterfly Festival & Conservation Tour. Fauna Ventures is warm and welcoming to all levels of experience and ability. We appreciated their pre-trip preparation recommendations, their knowledge and expertise, their assistance and efforts to make sure that everyone experienced what they hoped for and more!, their attention to making certain that no one was left behind, and their day and night efforts to see that everyone was enjoying themselves. I even got help with using my camera! Their steady friendly attention puts everyone at ease. I particularly enjoyed a night time adventure for herps that wasn't on the itinerary but they graciously provided it. We're a senior couple and they knew how to make that a non-issue. We'll surely be looking to do more with Fauna Ventures!
Susan Brown
Susan Brown
Wonderful butterfly tour with expert guides and fabulous meals!
Alison Smith
Alison Smith
Just back from the 3rd annual butterfly festival in Honduras. This was my first trip to Central America and I was totally amazed by the country's natural beauty and incredible biodiversity. I will definitely return! The trip was very well organized allowing us to make the most of our time every day. The expertise and knowledge of our guides regarding the local fauna and habitats greatly enhanced our experience and knowledge of the area. Accommodations were modest but clean and in a beautiful natural setting. We could simply walk out the front door in the morning and begin birding. The butterflies were literally right outside our door too. Food was tasty, fresh and well prepared by the staff who clearly wanted us to be pleased. Our experienced guides were very responsive to all of our questions and needs and unfailingly helpful. i believe this was an incredible value for those who want to experience birding and butterflying in a beautiful part of Central America not known for ecotourism. It did my heart good to know there are still places on this planet with such abundance of natural beauty. I just returned from my second trip with Fauna Ventures, this time to the Lower Rio Grande Valley. Another wonderful trip in every way: the trip was well organized and planned, the accommodations were good and centrally located to our multiple destinations. Weather required our trip leaders to make adjustments to the locations where we were taken in order to maximize our opportunities to see butterflies. At all times they made sure we saw as much diversity in this remarkable area as was possible. Our trip leaders were expert naturalists, well versed in the fauna of the area and extremely knowledgeable about the butterflies we saw. They knew what we could expect to see in specific areas and went out of their way to find specific butterflies for us. At all times the trip leaders made a point of accommodating the requests of our entire group. If you enjoy ecotourism you will enjoy any of the trips with Fauna Ventures.
Aiming Gao
Aiming Gao
Thank you for a very enjoyable butterflying experience, Fauna Ventures! The services you provided had met and exceeded our expectations. We are not experienced butterfliers, yet we got to learn a lot during this trip and saw many beautiful and unique butterflies. Hope we will have opportunity to join other butterflying trips in other parts of the country/world in the future. Happy Butterflying!
Wanzhou Lei
Wanzhou Lei
My 24-day journey in Colombia is amazing. I and my guide traveled through Colombia and stopped on 5 locations to take pictures of butterflies. In total, I got more than 400 species of butterflies. The hotels along the trip are very clean and decent. In SNSM, the hotel is a very beautiful ecological hotel in the rain forest with great food and very nice people and tranquil environment. Other hotels are all very nice. Fredy, my guide, is very responsible and caring. He took care of all things and took care of me very well. He always gave the chance to take pictures of butterflies to me first. He is a very good guy and friend with a lot of experience and knowledge of butterflies. He knows the secret ways and places to find butterflies. He is amazing.
Caydee Savinelli
Caydee Savinelli
This was my first tour with Fauna Ventures and it will not be the last. The tour was Highlands and Hairstreaks an as the name implied, we saw a lot of hairstreaks which are not always the easiest to see right away, but the tour experts made all of the difference in the experience. The lodging was good to excellent and the food was very good. In addition to butterflies, we saw a number of birds and my favorite insect the cicada. One of my favorite parts of the trip was the chance to meet old and new friends who have a common interest in nature. Highly recommended.
Debra Marsh
Debra Marsh
I recently attended Fauna Ventures' Hairstreaks and Highlands butterfly tour in Honduras, in April 2022. It was an excellent experience and I'm so glad I did it. Guides Robert Gallardo and Rob Gilson were friendly and extremely knowledgeable. They handled the logistics of the trip quite smoothly too. The lodges were comfortable and offered very good birding and butterflies. I wouldn't hesitate to return to Honduras with these folks, and I just might!
matt klein
matt klein
I just came back from my first butterfly trip, a trip to Honduras. While the butterflies were amazing, what made the trip so special was the care and attention to detail taken by Robert Gilson of Fauna Ventures. Rob is more than just a butterfly expert and enthusiast. He is the full package. He served as a helpful guide, exploring everything from butterflies, to birds, to moths and assisting with IDs. He also was a great tutor and helped with my photography so that I could maximize the experience. And, boy, did I end up with some great shots thanks to Rob’s advice. Rob was patient with all participants on the trip, often giving up “the shot” so that others could get it instead. Finally, he was just a great guy to be around. His knowledge in butterflies is beyond compare but he never made anyone feel like they were out of place, from the novice (me) to those with more experience. You just wanted to learn as much as you could and explore the world of butterflies with Rob. I will definitely be checking out another trip with Fauna Ventures and I am really looking for to it. Thank you for everything.