The endemic Callicore ines, October 2021, Putumayo, Colombia
The endemic Callicore ines, October 2021, Putumayo, Colombia

Colombia is a country that is rich in biodiversity, with many different species of animals and plants found nowhere else in the world. As a result, The catalog of Colombia’s endemic butterflies has been a long time coming. Among these are its many unique types of butterflies, which have evolved over time to fill specific ecological niches.

A new identification guide to the endemic butterflies of Colombia has just been published! The guide, authored by Blanca Huertas, Jean François Le Crom & Yenny Correa-Carmona, documents Colombia’s 192 species of endemic butterflies. This is the first published comprehensive identification guide to the country’s endemic butterflies. Therefore, the guide will be a valuable resource for butterfly enthusiasts and scientists alike.

The guide includes information on the physical characteristics, habitat, and distribution of each species. It also features many beautiful photographs from our talented guide, Fredy Montero Abril. Anyone interested in these unique butterflies will find this an essential reference. Congratulations to the authors on this impressive achievement!

In conclusion, butterfly enthusiasts and scientists will now have a comprehensive guide to help them identify Colombia’s 192 species of endemic butterflies. For anyone interested in these beautiful creatures this first-of-its-kind guide will be a valuable resource. If you’re excited to see some of these butterflies for yourself, join us on one of our many Colombian butterfly tours!


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