January 4-10, 2022

Prepared by Robert Gallardo

A group shot of all of the participants in the Honduras Butterfly Festival.
The final day of 3rd annual Emerald Valley Butterfly Festival


Our group of seven participants photographing a butterfly during the Honduras Butterfly Festival.

The 2022 Honduras Butterfly Festival marked the first time that international visitors participated in this one-of-a-kind event.

For three straight years, the Pro Nature Honduras Foundation has operated the Honduras Butterfly Festival. It aims to promote the awareness of biodiversity protection by actively involving youth and highlighting the species-rich Lake Yojoa region. Combining these two aspects adds intrinsic value to the area and aids in showing nationals how to build sustainable tourism utilizing an areas’ finite natural resources.

Upon arrival, everyone traveled to Lake Yojoa and got settled in at the Bio Parque Paradise reserve. This would be ‘home’ for the next six nights. We were blessed with five days of great weather which brought out the multitudes of butterflies and we would record 300 species, including one country record and many rare species. 

Day 5 2022 Honduras Butterfly Festival


Orange-spotted Skipper that we found on the entrance road to Meambar N.P. during the 2022 Honduras Butterfly Festival.

On the first full day of the 2022 Honduras Butterfly Festival, we did some early morning birding on the hotel grounds. There was Lesson’s Motmot, Crimson-collared Tanager, Chestnut-headed Oropendolas, Brown Jay, numerous migrant wood-warblers, and saltators. After breakfast, we made our way to Meambar N.P. which rises above the eastern flank of the Lake. We stopped along the entrance road to check out the activity as the sun started to warm the air. We found numerous species of brushfoots including the giant Harmonia Tigerwing and numerous smaller species. A variety of skippers appeared including the lovely, and rare, Orange-spotted Skipper. One is lucky to even find one of these a year! We eventually reached the visitor’s center and climbed the nearby canopy tower. Although there weren’t many large butterflies we did see many smaller species, including one that represented a country record. A confiding Keel-billed Motmot also perched on a nearby tree and allowed for some great photography. Before Honduras entered into the ‘world of birding’ this was considered a difficult bird to see. Some Collared Aracaris also swung by and put on a show before continuing on. We had lunch then continued our visit to this beautiful mountain area. The Porterweed flowers were attracting a large number of showy species including True Cattleheart, Green-celled Cattleheart, Iphidamas Cattleheart, and Dyar’s Swallowtail; all of which are flashy swallowtails. Partway up a trail, we were totally surprised to see the exquisite Black-bellied Anteros at ground level and several Rusted Clearwing-Satyr. At the end of the day, we returned to Bio Parque for a delicious dinner.

Day 5 2022 Honduras Butterfly Festival

Day 2

Lyra Metalmark that we found on the mistflower at Bio Parque during the 2022 Honduras Butterfly Festival.

The following day we remained at Bio Parque all day. After some birding we had breakfast then began to look for butterflies. Robert and Olivia have been working with the owner of Bio Parque in helping them augment their butterfly gardens by providing mistflower plant stock and it is starting to pay off. Several large mistflowers around the parking lot stole the show this day. As the air started to warm they literally filled with butterflies and the participants began to see the real meaning of “Mistflower Power.” The sheer number of species is too large to list here, but the following are some of the highlights: Tiger Mimic-White, Orange White (the rarest species observed), Lisus Hairstreak, Lyra Metalmark (this one took the show that day!), Great Emesis, Rusty-tipped Page, Gaudy Checkerspot and Yellow-spotted Telemiades.

On e of three Cell-barred Metalmarks that showed up at Bio Parque during the 2022 Honduras Butterfly Festival.

Everyone was literally blown away at the sheer number and amount of species that were being attracted to just a few mistflower bushes. We kindly reminded everyone to ‘hold on to their hats’ as what they were witnessing would be multiplied exponentially at Emerald Valley during the next few days. The action continued all day all the way until the sun set behind the trees. The grand finale came when three Cell-barred Metalmarks showed up and perched under some Hibiscus leaves below eye level. This is a species that is very difficult to observe up close and what a treat it was. We ended the day with a nice dinner and a presentation on the “Birds, and now, the Butterflies of Honduras.”

Day 5 2022 Honduras Butterfly Festival

Days 3 and 4

The next two days were spent at Emerald Valley where Robert and Olivia have been working for several years in creating one of, if not, the most incredible butterfly gardens in the region. This was brought about by the ‘discovery’ of the first mistflower shrub behind their house together with the occurrence of a phenomenal amount of species that have been recorded there. To date, nearly 700 species have been documented on only fifty acres of rainforest. This includes nearly 120 country records, two species that exist only there in all of Central America and then ‘reappear’ in South America, and a newly described, endemic metalmark. There are numerous mistflower and porterweed gardens which are augmented by lantana, zinnias a suite of native wildflowers. All are connected with rustic and cement paths. The overall effect is a butterfly lover’s paradise.

The Orange-Stitched Metalmark proved to be a property record at Emerald Valley during the 2022 Honduras Butterfly Festival.

At Emerald Valley, the international participants were joined by some Honduran nationals. There were 2 ½ days of non-stop action as everyone spread out on the premises to enjoy and take pictures of the winged beauties. Banana baits were also put out to attract beauties such as Blue Morpho, satyrids, crackers, and Tiger Beauty. As with Bio Parque, the list of species observed at Emerald Valley is long, but some of the highlights include: Ruby-spotted Swallowtail, Tiger Mimic-White, Costa-spotted Mimic-White, Golden White, Pearly Hairstreak, Meton Hairstreak, Thales Blackstreak, Silver-banded Hairstreak, White-striped Groundstreak, Inca Metalmark, Orange-stitched Metalmark, Cramer’s Metalmark, Five-spotted Longwing, Northern Nessaea, Blue-and-orange Eighty-eight, Astala Eighty-eight, Pearly Leafwing, Stub-tailed Morpho, Thermus Skipper, Confusing Phanus, Emerald Aguna, Frosted Flasher, Cryptic Skipper, Northern Eyed-Skipper, Variable Blue-skipper, Onaca Skipper and the Litana Skipper.

2022 Honduras Butterfly Festival

Day 5

Our group of international travelers on the last day of the 2022 Honduras Butterfly Festival.

On Sunday, the last day of the 2022 Honduras Butterfly Festival came the grand finale. We all assembled outdoors where the results of the photography contest were to be revealed. A well-known artist from San Pedro Sula was also present as she had donated two original pieces to the contest. Everyone who participated received some sort of prize or recognition and it was a wonderful way to end the Festival. 

2022 Honduras Butterfly Festival Butterfly List (295 species)

Mimoides ilusIlus Swallowtail
Battus polydamasPolydamas Swallowtail
Battus ingenuusDyar’s Swallowtail
Parides eurimedes mylotesTrue Cattlleheart
Parides photinusPink-spotted Cattleheart
Parides childrenae childrenaeGreen-celled Cattleheart
Parides panares lycimenesWedge-spotted Cattleheart
Parides iphidamasIphidamas Catthleheart
Parides erithalion polyzelusVarialbe Catthleheart
Heraclides anchisiadesRuby-spotted Swallowtail
Heraclides thoasThoas Swallowtail
Heraclides rumikoW. Giant Swallowtail
Papilio polyxenesBlack Swallowtail
Dismorphia amphioneTiger Mimic-White
Enantia linaWhite Mimic-White
Enantia albania albaniaCosta-spotted Mimic-White
Enantia jethysJethy’s Mimic-White
Eurema dairaBarred Yellow
Eurema albulaWhite Yellow
Eurema salomeSalome Yellow
Pyrisitia proterpiaTailed Orange
Pyrisitia dina westwoodiDina Yellow
Pyrisitia nise nelpheMimosa Yellow
Anteos clorindeWhite Angled-Sulphur
Phoebis sennaeCloudless Sulphur
Phoebis philea phileaOrange-barred Sulphur
Phoebis neocyprisTailed Sulphur
Phoebis arganteDark Apricot Sulphur
Aphrissa statiraStatira Sulphur
Hesperocharis croceaOrange White
Ascia monusteGreat Southern White
Leptophobia aripaMountain White
Pieriballia viardi viardiViardi White
Archonias brassolisCattleheart White
Melete lycimnia isandraCreamy White
Melete polyhymniaGolden White
Glutophrissa drusillaFlorida White
Evenus regalisRegal Hairstreak
Pseudolycaena damoSky-blue Hairstreak
Theritas lisusLisus Hairstreak
Theritas mavorsDeep-green Hairstreak
Theritas theocritusPearly Hairstreak
Rekoa metonMeton Hairstreak
Arawacus togarnaTogarna Hairstreak
Arawacus sitoFine-lined Hairstreak
Kolana ligurinaLigurina Hairstreak
Ocaria thalesThales Blackstreak
Chlorostrymon simaethisSilver-banded Hairstreak
Chlorostrymon teleaTelea Hairstreak
Allosmaitia strophiusStrophius Hairstreak
Kisutam syllisSky-blue Groundstreak
Calycopis clarina White-striped Groundstreak
Calycopis isobeonDusky-blue Groundstreak
Strymon melinusGray Hairstreak
Tmolus echion echiolusRed-spotted Hairstreak
Ministrymon aziaGray Ministreak
Strephonata ericetaEriceta Hairstreak
Panthiades bitiasBitias Hairstreak
Panthiades bathildisZebra-striped Hairstreak
Parrhasius sp.
Michaelus phoenissaTwo-banded Hairstreak
Erora gabinaGabina Hairstreak
Leptotes cassiusCassius Blue
Hemiargus ceraunusCeraunus Blue
Theope pediasYellow-bottomed Theope
Theope virgiliusBlue-based Theope
Theope sp (Gray)
Euselasia cataleucaBlack-edged Euselasia
Euselasia eucratesGodman’s Euselasia
Euselasia chrysippeGolden Euselasia
Hades noctulaWhite-rayed Metalmark
Leucochimona lagoraLagora Metalmark
Napaea eucharilaWhite-stitched Metalmark
Eurybia elvinaBlind Eurybia
Lyropteryx lyra cleadasLyra Metalmarkn (Cherry-bordered Metalmark)
Ancyluris incaInca Metalmark
Rhetus perianderPeriander Metalmark
Chalodeta chaonitis Orange-stitched Metalmark
Detritivora barnesiBarnes’ Metalmark
Calephelis velutinaDark Calephelis
Lasaia agesilasShining-blue Lasaia
Mesene phareusCell-barred Metalmark
Symmachia tricolorTricolored Metalmark
Anteros miconBlack-bellied Anteros
Anteros carausiusCarousing Anteros
Emesis ocyporeDark Emesis
Emesis tristisTristis Emesis
Emesis mandana furorGreat Emesis
Emesis tegulaTegula Emesis
Emesis tenediaFalcate Emesis
Argyrogrammana stilbeDotted Metalmark
Thisbe lycoriasBanner Metalmark
Juditha caucanaMolpe Metalmark
Menander menanderMenander Metalmark
Menander pretus pictaCramer’s Metalmark
Calospila cilissaCilissa Metalmark
Nymphidium ascolia ascoliaCreamy Metalmark
Lycorea halia atergratisTiger Mimic-Queen
Danaus eresimus montezumaSoldier
Danaus gilippusQueen
Danaus plexippus Monarch
Tithorea tarricina pinthiasCream-spotted Tigerwing
Melinaea lilis imitataMimic Tigerwing
Mechanitis lysimniaLysimni Tigerwing
Mechanitis polymnia lycidicePolymnia Tigerwing
Napeogenes tolosaTolosa Tigerwing
Hyposcada virginianaVirginiana Clearwing
Dircenna deroDero Clearwing
Dircenna klugiiKlug’s Clearwing
Godyris neroNero Clearwing
Greta morgane otoRusty Clearwing
Altinote ozomeneLamplight Actinote
Actinote anteasAnteas Actinote
Actinote guatemalenaGuatemalan Actinote
Agraulis vanillaeGulf Fritillary
Dione juno huascumaJuno Longwing
Dryas iulia moderataJulia
Eueides aliphera gracilisFine-lined Longwing
Eueides isabella evaIsabella’s Longwing
Eueides proculaDarkened Longwing
Heliconius charithonia vazquezaeZebra
Heliconius erato petiveranaCrimson-patched Longwing
Heliconius hecaleHecale Longwing
Heliconius hecalesia octaviaFive-spotted Longwing
Heliconius ismenius telchiniaTiger-striped Longwing
Euptoieta hegesiaMexican Fritillary
Adelpha paraenaMassilia Sister
Adelpha serpa celerioCelerio Sister
Adelpha cocalaLorza’s Sister
Adelpha iphicleola iphicleolaIphicleola Sister
Adelpha melantheRayed Sister
Biblis hyperiaRed Rim
Doxocopa laureSilver Emperor
Catonephele mexicanaEast-Mexican Banner
Catonephele numilia esiteBlue-frosted Banner
Nessaea aglauraNorthern Nessaea
Hamadryas fornaxOrange Cracker
Hamadryas februaGray Cracker
Hamadryas feroniaVariable Cracker
Nica flavilla cantharaLittle Banner
Pyrrhogyra edocla edoclaGreen-spotted Banner
Pyrrhogyra otolaisDouble-banded Banner
Dynamine theseus White Sailor
Dynamine postvertaMexican Sailor
Dynamine dyonisBlue-eyed Sailor
Catagramma tolimaBlue-and-orange Eighty-Eight
Diaethria annaAnna’s Eighty-Eight
Diaethria astalaAstala Eighty-Eight
Marpesia beraniaOrange Daggerwing
Marpesia chironMany-banded Daggerwing
Marpesia petreusRuddy Daggerwing
Historis acheronta acherontaTailed Cecropian
Tigridia acestaTiger Beauty
Hypanartia lethe letheOrange Mapwing
Anartia fatimaBanded Peacock
Anartia jatrophaeWhite Peacock
Siproeta epaphusRusty-tipped Page
Siproeta superbaBroad-banded Page
Siproeta stelenes biplagiataMalachite
Junonia evareteTropical Buckeye
Chlosyne gaudialisGaudy Checkerspot
Chlosyne janaisCrimson-patch Checkerspot
Chlosyne hippodromeSimple Patch
Chlosyne laciniaBordered Patch
Anthanassa subota subotaCryptic Crescent
Anthanassa drusilla lelexOrange-patched Crescent
Anthanassa tulcisPale-banded Crescent
Castilia ofellaWhite-dotted Crescent
Eresia clioClio Crescent
Eresia phillyraLongwing Crescent
Tegosa anieta luka Black-bordered Crescent
Tegosa guatemalenaGuatemalan Crescent
Consul electraPearly Leafwing
Consul fabius cecropsTiger-striped Leafwing
Memphis sp
Morpho helenorCommon Morpho
Morpho theseusStub-tailed Morpho
Caligo telamonius memnonPale Owl-Butterfly
Eryphanis aesacusDouble-spotted Owl-Butterfly
Cithaerias pireta pireta Rusted Clearwing-Satyr
Pierella lunaMoon Satyr
Cissia pompiliaPlain Satyr
Hermeuptychia hermes (intracota)Herme’s Satyr
Pareuptychia metaleucaWhite-banded Satyr
Pareuptychia ocirrhoeWhite Satyr
Taygetis leuctraLeuctra Satyr
Phocides polybiusGuava Skipper
Phocides thermusThermus Skipper
Myscelus amystis hagesWidespread Myscelus
Phanus confusisConfusing Phanus
Udranomia orcinusOrcinus Skipper
Proteides mercuriusMercurial Skipper
Epargyreus spinaSpined Silverdrop
Polygonus savignyManuel’s Skipper
Chioides zilpaZilpa Longtail
Aguna claxonEmerald Aguna
Aguna asanderGold-spotted Aguna
Aguna panamaPanamanian Aguna
Typhedanus ampyxGold-tufted Skipper
Polythrix octomaculataEight-spotted Longtail
Codatractus alcaeusWhite-crescent Mottled-Skipper
Urbanus belliBell’s Longtail
Urbanus esmeraldusEsmeralda Longtail
Urbanus dorantesDorantes Longtail
Urbanus teleusTeleus Longtail
Urbanus doryssusWhite-tailed Longtail
Urbanus albimargoWhite-edged Longtail
Astraptes talusGreen Flasher
Astraptes fulgeratorTwo-barred Flasher
Astraptes brevicaudaShort-tailed Flasher
Astraptes egregiusSmall-spotted Flasher
Astraptes enotrusWhite-spotted Flasher
Astraptes janeiraSchaus’ Flasher
Astraptes alardus latiaFrosted Flasher
Astraptes alector hopfferiGilbert’s Flasher
Astraptes chiriquensisChiriqui Flasher
Astraptes weymeriWeymer’s Flasher
Astraptes anaphus annettaYellow-tipped Flasher
Narcosius sp
Autochton neisBroad Banded-Skipper
Autochton longipennisSpike Banded-Skipper
Autochton bipunctatusGmelin’s Banded-Skipper
Cabares potrilloPotrillo Skipper
Spathilepia cloniusFalcate Skipper
Telemiades avitusYellow-spotted Telemiades
Celaenorrhinus sp.
Celaenorrhinus stallingsiStalling’s Flat
Polyctor enopsEnops Tufted-Skipper
Nisoniades godmaGodma Tufted-Skipper
Noctuana lactifera bipunctaCryptic Skipper
Cyclosemia anastomosisNorthern Eyed-Skipper
Bolla cupreicepsCopper-headed Sootywing
Staphylus ascalaphusCentral American Sootywing
Staphylus ceosGolden-headed Sootywing
Gorgythion voxCrab’s-claw Skipper
Sostrata nordicaBlue-studded Skipper
Mylon lassiaBold Mylon
Mylon maimonCommon Mylon
Anastrus sempiternusCommon Anastrus
Anastrus tolimusBlurry Anastrus
Ebrietas osyris Yellow-patched Bent-Skipper
Ebrietas anacreonCommon Bent-Skipper
Helias camaSquared Bent-Skipper
Eantis thraso (now Tosta)Southern Sicklewing
Achlyodes busirus herosGiant Sicklewing
Ouleus salvinaSalvin’s Skipper
Zera hyacinthinusBruised Skipper
Quadrus cerialisCommon Blue-Skipper
Pythonides jovianus amaryllusVariable Blue-Skipper
Atarnes salleiOrange-spotted Skipper
Carrhenes sp
Xenophanes tryxusGlassy-winged Skipper
Antigonus corrosusSmall Spurwing
Antigonus nearchusLarge Spurwing
Pyrgus oileusTropical Checkered-Skipper
Heliopetes arsalteVeined White-Skipper
Perichares adelaGreen-backed Ruby-eye
Orses cyniscaYellow-edged Ruby-eye
Talides alternataAlternate Ruby-eye
Carystoides abrahamiAbraham’s Ruby-eye
Panoquina ocolaOcola Skipper
Panoquina lucasPurple-washed Skipper
Panoquina evansiEvans’ Skipper
Panoquina evadnesEvadnes Skipper
Saliana sp
Neoxeniades ludaLuda Skipper
Synapte pectaNorthern Faceted-Skipper
Synapte salenusSalenus Faceted-Skipper
Anthoptus epictetusTrailside Skipper
Lento xanthinaXanthina Skipper
Callimormus radiolaRadiant Skipper
Callimormus juventusJuventus Skipper
Mnasicles getaViolet-frosted Skipper
Remella vopiscusCryptic Remella
Cymaenes trebiusFawn-spotted Skipper
Moeris striga
Vehilius stictomenes illudensPasture Skipper
Niconiades incomptusHalf-tailed Skipper
Vettius onacaOnaca Skipper
Rhinthon oscaOsca Skipper
Rhinthon molionBlue-based Skipper
Hylephila phyleusFiery Skipper
Polites vibexWhirlabout
Pompeius pompeiusPompeius Skipper
Anatrytone sp.
Quasimellana eulogiusCommon Mellana
Euphyes peneiaGuardpost Skipper
Metron chrysogastraOrange-headed Metron
Cynea irmaFogged Skipper
Cynea anthracinus anthracinusAnthracinus Skipper
Cyclosma glamisGlamis Skipper
Orthos gabinaGabina Skipper
Decinea decinea derisorDecinea Skipper
Nyctelius nycteliusNyctelius Skipper
Vacerra litanaLitana Skipper


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