It’s hard to find an animal in nature that is more enjoyable than a butterfly. After all, they are insanely beautiful, and they come in every color of the rainbow, mixed with different colors and patterns that are nothing short of a feast for the eyes. For most people, seeing butterflies give them utter joy, so watching butterflies is a pastime that many enjoy.

Fauna Ventures is passionate about butterflies as well and is a conservation-minded group of amateur and professional lepidopterists who study or collect butterflies and moths. We offer butterfly tours so we can share our passion with others, as well as so we can help support conservation and nature causes around the world. We donate a minimum of 10% of our proceeds from our nature tours to help protect the places we visit. Our team not only shows people butterflies, but we also educate those on our butterfly tours about their habitats and more. Below, we’ll share how to observe butterflies in nature properly. Contact our team to book a butterfly tour with us today!


Gather Your Tools

To observe butterflies, it helps to have a top-notch pair of binoculars. Not only does this allow you to watch from afar, but it also serves to magnify butterflies, which are, by nature, minor. Of course, you can also invest in a magnifying glass, but you have to get close to observe them. With a pair of binoculars, you can see butterflies all around your space. Plus, binoculars allow you to see minute details that you would miss otherwise, which is part of what makes butterflies so exquisite in the first place.

Journey to Known Butterfly Habitats

Almost all butterflies and moths feed on nectar. This means if you want to see butterflies in their natural environment, you have to find nectar — which of course, means beautiful flowers! Meadows, grasslands, open pastures, plains, and mountainous regions are excellent butterfly habitats where you can encounter them. Butterflies also need sunny spots to warm up their wings for flight, and they are not too keen on windy areas (as you can imagine when you weigh mere ounces and have to fight the wind to fly!).

If you want to see a lot of butterflies, consider a butterfly tour with Fauna Ventures. Here, you will be guided by our butterfly experts, or lepidopterists, who will show you some of the most diverse butterfly habitats in the world. We offer butterfly tours to HondurasColombia, and Texas. You will be amazed by the flora and fauna that surround you, and you are guaranteed to learn a lot about butterflies, how to observe them in nature, and butterfly conservation. So book a butterfly tour today!

Create a Butterfly Garden

If you are a homebody or want to wake up, walk outside your home, and see beauty at its finest, then creating a backyard butterfly garden can be for you. These are great ways to observe butterflies and provide them with great places to live and grow or stop on their migratory routes. Depending on where you live, you will need nectar plants, such as Queen Anne’s Lace, violets, marigolds, and more. In addition, you could plant milkweed if you want to attract Monarch caterpillars. You will also need a source of water and minerals. A bowl with wet sand is recommended since butterflies get the minerals they need from the sandy water. Plus, sheltered areas that are still exposed to the sun are great, too.

Mountains in the backgroud with butterflies in the foreground


Fauna Ventures offers the best butterfly tours. We have chosen locations so that you can see hundreds of butterflies and see birds, and other wildlife. Our eco-tours include accommodations and transportation while you are on our nature tour, entrance to the places that we visit, and the expert knowledge of our fantastic tour guides. Your adventures will have you taking photos non-stop as you see amazing sights and wonders.

Butterflies are some of the most fascinating creatures on earth. Don’t miss a chance to see them up close and personal with us. Book your eco-adventure today!