Many people get eco-tours and nature tours confused. However, there is a difference. Eco tours focus on leaving as little impact as possible on the environment while enjoying nature. They also hope to improve the well-being of the local communities as well. Nature tours is a broader term that can refer to eco-tours, but it could also refer to any tourism that involves animals.

Fauna Ventures offers eco-tours that focus on butterflies, birds, the natural environments of the places we visit, and the people. We currently provide eco-tours in Texas, Honduras, and Colombia. Our mission is to see beautiful butterfly and moth species, birds, and other wildlife and help preserve diverse habitats. We donate 10% of our proceeds to help protect each of the fantastic places that we visit. Below, we’ll go over just a few of the benefits of eco-tours. Contact us today if you are interested in any of our eco-tours, including our upcoming Texas butterfly tour!


Raises Awareness of Critical Habitats, Endangered Animals, and Other Conservation Issues

There is an overwhelming amount of information available these days, and it’s easy for some causes to get lost in the crowd. Environmental concerns are one of these. Conservationists have succeeded in a general “save the environment” subconscious awareness, but that can be pushed to the side. Eco tours usually focus on one issue and one specific area. They allow people to experience nature at its finest while also learning about critical habitat areas in these locales. This, in turn, helps to get the word out and hopefully get more dollars rolling in for these great causes.

Impacts the Local Communities

When you take an eco-tour, such as those offered by Fauna Ventures to Texas, Honduras, or Colombia, you significantly impact the local community. You are helping to provide jobs for the locals, especially when you purchase goods and services, and you are helping to preserve their local cultures and traditions as the people don’t feel so much pressure to change their ways. In addition, by taking part in local customs, you are learning and strengthening these.

Raises Funds for Local Causes

Fauna Ventures donates a portion of our eco-tours to each location we visit. Most eco-tour companies do the same. In addition, you may be willing to redirect some of your other charitable giving when you can see first-hand the impact your money is having on the local environment. Every dollar adds up and works to ensure the preservation of the local area.

Has a Minimal Impact on the Environment

The best eco-tour companies succeed at having a “leave no footprint behind” attitude. They excel at minimal waste usage and ensure the animals you will see on the tours are minimally impacted. They also enforce these rules, as you’ve probably been to places where animals were disturbed by tourists. In addition, these eco tour companies educate you on how to live a more sustainable life, which then impacts the entire world.


Our Texas butterfly trip is coming up soon if you are looking to impact the environment immediately. Here, you will get to see over 230 species of butterflies that congregate in Texas every November for the winter months. Some of these butterflies you can only see here. In addition, you’ll get to explore vast tracts of national wildlife refuges and other butterfly havens, as well as see birds and other animals.

If you are looking for other ecotourism destinations, we offer Honduras and Colombia butterfly tours where you can experience butterflies, the local culture, and so much more. While the overarching premise to ecotourism is to conserve the natural areas you are visiting, let’s not forget that you will have a great time, from seeing animals in nature to exploring and being in nature. An active tour does wonders for the soul. Join Fauna Ventures as we explore these biodiverse areas and help preserve wildlife in the process. Book today!